Is CBD Legal in US Airports?

Is CBD Legal in US Airports?

If you’re going on a flight, and thinking about bringing your CBD, here’s something you may need to know:

Is CBD legal in US airports?

Yes, it is as long as it’s derived from hemp and contains less than 0.3% THC.

Can You Travel with CBD Gummies in the US?  

Under federal law, CBD derived from hemp containing no more than 0.3% THC IS legal.

However, individual states may have their own regulations regarding CBD.

Always check the specific laws of both your departure and arrival states before traveling with CBD gummies.

In general, if your CBD gummies meet the federal criteria of hemp-derived CBD with less than 0.3% THC, you should be able to travel with them within the US.

However, it’s always advisable to carry a copy of the product’s lab test results and consult state-specific regulations for added peace of mind.

You should also check your airline policy, because some of them have their own restrictions separate from federal or state law.

TSA CBD Policy: Can You Bring CBD on a Plane in the US?  

The TSA has updated its policy regarding CBD in recent years.

According to their official guidelines, travelers ARE permitted to bring any FDA-approved medications containing CBD on a plane.

However, CBD products that do not meet the FDA’s approval OR contain more than 0.3% THC – like Delta-9 products – are prohibited.

This means that if your CBD gummies contain less than 0.3% THC and are derived from hemp, you can bring them on a plane within the US.

It’s important to note that the TSA’s primary focus is primarily on security threats rather than specifically searching for CBD.

However, they are federally regulated and must adhere to federal laws.

In a Nutshell  

Traveling with CBD gummies in the US is legally permissible under federal law, provided they are derived from hemp and contain less than 0.3% THC.

However, state regulations and airline policies can vary, and should therefore be checked prior to traveling.

As per TSA guidelines, you are allowed to bring FDA-approved CBD medications on the plane.

It is always recommended to carry lab test results to prevent any unwanted situations.

Despite the legalities, it’s paramount to remember that the TSA’s main concern is ensuring safety and security on flights, not specifically searching for CBD products. Whether you’re headed on business trip or a 2 week cruise, always make sure you destination’s policies allow CBD before you take it with you.

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