Bradford Wellness Co. is a CBD store that offers many different types of CBD products with a focus on total wellness and you living your best life. Some of our products include essential oils with CBD, bath bombs with CBD, CBD relief rubs, CBD tincture drops, Delta-8 gummies and softgels, and even sleep support gummies with CBD. Visit our shop to see the full product catalogue. Our products each have a certificate of analysis proving the chemical quality of each product. If you have any questions before you buy, you can talk to our helpful staff by emailing or calling.

We offer CBD products as a preventative and holistic health approach.

Many of our customers have used these cannabinoid products as a natural or homeopathic alternative to traditional medicine. We are not legally allowed to promise results from our products, and we are not promising results, but we do have many happy customers.

Every product is thoroughly lab-tested with documented test results available on our website. We know that the world of CBD is flooded with products of varying quality, so we have a certificate of analysis for each product that shows the contents and quality of each product so you can make an informed decision about what you're putting in your body. If you have any questions about CBD feel free to contact us.


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Our Local CBD Store

We also have a physical storefront located in Scottsboro, Alabama. In store we do more than just sell CBD products, we also sell weight loss shots and other injectables. Our Scottsboro CBD store is unique in that total personal wellness is the goal. We want the very best for our customers, so that they can live their best lives with their families.

Inside Scottsboro CBD Store - Bradford Wellness Co
Inside Bradford Wellness Co CBD Dispensary