Meet Our Team

Team work makes the dream work, they say.

Whoever "they" are, they are absolutely right.

Meet the folks who make our little corner of the world feel like home.

Our team may be small, but we're tight-knit and packed with passion for education and community.

Picture us as your friendly neighbors, gathering on the porch for a chat and a cup of tea.

We believe in rolling up our sleeves together to make wellness accessible to everyone.

Get to know the faces the in person and online store of Bradford Wellness Co., where teamwork isn't just a saying—it's a way of life rooted in genuine care and shared dreams for a healthier tomorrow.

Dr. Chad Bradford

He has received lots of Dr. Chad Bradford is an accomplished Dr. in the Scottsboro area. He has received lots of positive reviews for his medical practice.

However, throughout his journey he has always believed that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and that simple solutions are often better than complex ones.

Dr. Bradford founded Bradford Wellness Co. as a separate business from his medical practice.

The purpose of Bradford Wellness Co. is to really help people and take care of them.

Dr. Chad believes that offering holistic products such as vitamins, extracts, herbs and other natural products can be beneficial.

With all of that being said, Dr. Chad often suggests herbal and natural remedies to see if their conditions improve.

Dr. Chad Bradford wants to do whatever he can to help the people of Scottsboro and leave an impact in his local community.

That's the driving reason behind his decision to open a health and wellness store in Scottsboro.

Dr. Chad has also surrounded himself with a great group of people that are passionate about improving the lives of others in Scottsboro.

Tabetha Galloway

Tabetha manages the Bradford Wellness co. store.

She's so excited about making a difference and is passionate about wide selection of health products.

She wants to help as many people as she can to understand what options are available to them and help them make a great decision.

You can find her at our store during the week!

Isabelle Blackwell

Is passionate about helping others and doing good in the world.

She joined the Bradford Wellness team to help make a difference through changing peoples' lives one life at a time.

Isabelle manages local social media marketing in Scottsboro for Bradford Wellness Co.