Interesting Places in the US

Interesting Places in the US

The United States of America is a vast country with something to offer for everyone, no matter what their interests are. From sunny beaches and rolling hills, to vibrant cities and majestic mountain ranges, there’s an abundance of places that can easily be explored. Even more exciting than the commonplace attractions are the little-known destinations scattered all across the country – places that not many people know about and even fewer have visited. These hidden gems offer a unique experience that can’t be found anywhere else. Here are some places we found interesting.

1.Great Sand Dunes National Park

Great Sand Dunes National Park is an incredible display of nature’s power and beauty. Located in the San Luis Valley of Colorado, this park is home to the highest sand dunes in North America. There are a total of 30 square miles of dune fields and they reach up to 750 feet tall. This park is an amazing sight to behold as the golden sand contrasts with the green and blue hues of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains that surround it.

The Great Sand Dunes have been formed by several geological processes over long periods of time, including winds, floods, and glaciers. The materials for these dunes were eroded from the nearby mountains and then transported by rivers into the San Luis Valley. The strong winds blowing through this valley caused masses of sand particles to be pushed up against the base of the mountains where eventually large dune fields formed.

The park offers a wide range of activities for visitors to enjoy during their visit. Many hiking trails are available with varying levels of difficulty so there is something for everyone. Visitors can also go horseback riding, camping, or even take a guided tour led by a park ranger. During certain times throughout the year there are even programs like star-gazing tours and interpretive talks that visitors can attend to learn more about the area’s history and ecology.

For those looking for a unique experience while visiting Great Sand Dunes National Park, they should consider taking part in sand sledding or sand boarding down some of the larger dunes. This activity has become increasingly popular among visitors as it provides an exciting way to explore these stunning landscapes. Additionally, many visitors find that watching a sunset over these magnificent sand formations is an unforgettable event in itself!


Carhenge is a unique monument located in the small town of Alliance, Nebraska. It is an exact replica of Stonehenge, composed of vintage American cars that have been painted gray and arranged in a circle to replicate the original structure. Carhenge was created by Jim Reinders as a memorial to his father and is now considered one of the most iconic tourist attractions in the state of Nebraska.

Carhenge consists of 38 vintage American cars mostly from the 1950’s and 1960’s. The cars are arranged in a circle, with some placed upright and others placed on their sides. Each car weighs over two tons and was specifically chosen for its size and shape so that it can replicate the stones at Stonehenge as accurately as possible.

The monument has become quite popular with tourists since it was first erected in 1987. Visitors can walk around the outer circle of cars, marveling at their size and shape before taking part in various activities such as scavenger hunts or even attending special events like wedding ceremonies held at Carhenge. There is also a visitor’s center where visitors can learn more about the history and meaning behind this amazing structure.

At night, Carhenge lights up with LED lights mounted on each car which creates an impressive display that attracts many visitors from all over the world. Furthermore, each summer Carhenge holds its annual “Car Art Reserve” celebration which draws hundreds of people every year who are treated to live music, food vendors and art displays featuring works inspired by this unique landmark. All in all, Carhenge is an amazing sight to behold that should be experienced by anyone who visits Nebraska!

3.Ben and Jerry’s Graveyard

Ben and Jerry’s Graveyard is a unique tourist attraction located in Waterbury, Vermont. This graveyard is the final resting place for all of Ben and Jerry’s discontinued ice cream flavors, which have been immortalized with quirky headstones. The graveyard contains all the beloved ice cream flavors that Ben and Jerry’s has retired over the years, including Wavy Gravy, White Russian, and Rainforest Crunch.

The graveyard was created in 2000 as a way to honor all of the iconic flavors that have come and gone from the shelves of Ben & Jerry’s stores. Each flavor is represented by its own unique headstone made from granite or marble, with a humorous epitaph written at the bottom. Some of these include “In Loving Memory of Yo Soy Banana”, “Here Lies Peanuts! Butter Cup…Fell Asleep With A Scoop In His Hand” and “Here Lies Dublin Mudslide…Gone But Not Forgotten”.

Visitors to Ben & Jerry’s Graveyard can take part in a variety of activities such as scavenger hunts and trivia games to learn more about all of the different flavors that have been buried there. Many visitors also enjoy taking photos beside their favorite gravestones or having picnics amongst them. Additionally, each summer Ben & Jerry’s holds an annual ceremony called “Flavor Graveyard Day” where family members are encouraged to pay their respects at each grave in honor of the deceased flavors.

4.Jules Undersea Lodge

Jules Undersea Lodge is an incredible tourist attraction located off the coast of Key Largo, Florida. It is the world’s only underwater hotel and allows visitors to experience living in a submerged environment. Guests can stay in individual air-conditioned rooms that are pressurized to match the underwater pressure outside.

Built in 1986 as an underwater research station, Jules Undersea Lodge was eventually converted into a hotel in 1992 and has been welcoming guests ever since. The lodge is situated 21 feet below sea level, making it one of the deepest places to sleep on earth. The interior of the lodge consists of two bedrooms and a living room, all of which provide stunning views of coral reef walls through picture windows from inside each room.

The staff at Jules Undersea Lodge are experienced divers who can teach guests about safety procedures before any dive takes place, as well as providing guidance on how to get around without getting lost or running out of air. They also offer amenities such as meals delivered by submarine and special packages for couples looking for romantic getaways. Whether you’re looking for an adventurous holiday or simply want something different from your average beach vacation, Jules Undersea Lodge offers something truly unique that you won’t find anywhere else in the world!

5.Solvang, California

Solvang, California is a charming and unique town located in the Santa Ynez Valley of Santa Barbara County. Founded by Danish immigrants in 1911, the town has retained its Danish architecture and traditions throughout the years. The streets are lined with half-timbered homes, picturesque windmills, and pastry shops offering some of the finest treats from Scandinavia.

Visitors come to Solvang to experience its unique culture and taste some of its delicious food. The town has several bakeries, cafes, and restaurants that serve traditional Danish pastries such as Aebleskiver (pancake balls) and Æbleskiver (apple pancakes). There are also plenty of spots where you can taste local wines made from grapes grown near the area.

In addition to all the great food, Solvang offers many activities for visitors to enjoy. The Mission Santa Ines Museum provides a fascinating look at California’s Spanish colonial past with artifacts dating back to 1804. Guests can also explore several local wineries or take an excursion on horseback through winding trails of Los Padres National Forest. There is also an annual Hot Air Balloon Festival each year where hot air balloons fill up the sky with vibrant colors over Solvang’s landscape.

6.The Brewmaster’s Castle

The Brewmaster’s Castle, or the Christian Heurich Mansion, is a historic landmark located in Washington D.C. Built by German immigrant and renowned brewmaster Christian Heurich in 1894, the castle is one of the city’s most recognizable and beloved landmarks. The building stands as an example of late 19th-century German American architecture, featuring an ornate façade with turrets and towers designed to resemble a medieval castle. Inside, guests can explore the elegant interiors filled with period antiques and artworks.

The mansion was home to Heurich and his family until their deaths in 1945. During this time it served as a gathering place for leaders of industry, politics, and culture; many prominent figures including Presidents Grover Cleveland and Theodore Roosevelt were known to visit the grounds. In 1966 it was opened to the public as a museum that showcases both 19th-century architecture and brewing history. Today visitors can take guided tours of the first floor which includes several original rooms such as the billiards room, dining room, library, and music parlor.

In addition to its historical significance, The Brewmaster’s Castle is also known for its gardens which have been carefully maintained over decades and are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The property consists of formal gardens with terraces and walkways framed by mature trees that provide shade in summer months. It also features beautiful flower beds filled with perennials such as roses, lilies, hydrangeas and more that are highlighted by colorful garden sculptures throughout the grounds.

7.The World’s Largest Toilet at Kids Commons

If you have children or grandchildren, Kids Commons is a fun place to explore. It has the world’s largest toilet, which is very cool! Kids can see how tall it is and take pictures with it. The Kids Commons toilet slide is an impressive and unique attraction that kids of all ages can enjoy. A whopping 20 feet long, the toilet-shaped slide is sure to make any child’s day! At the top of the slide, kids will find a realistic-looking toilet bowl with a seat that they can sit on before taking off down the winding tube ride. The entire structure is made out of durable plastic and features fun designs such as stars, smiley faces, and colorful patterns for an extra thrill.

At the bottom of the slide lies a large pool area filled with several inches of water. Kids can splash into the pool area at the end of their ride or take off from one side to land gracefully in it. The entire experience is designed to provide hours of entertainment for kids as they race against each other or take turns going down together.

Aside from providing entertainment, Kids Commons also teaches children about sanitation and hygiene. They have informative signs up around the toilet slide which explain why we need toilets, how flushing works and its importance in keeping us healthy and clean. This helps instill important values in young minds while having fun at the same time! There are also lots of other activities like a climbing wall and virtual reality games.

8.The Core Social Justice Cannabis Museum

The Core Social Justice Cannabis Museum is a unique educational experience that seeks to educate visitors on the history of cannabis, its social justice implications, and the changing attitudes towards it. Located in Santa Cruz, California, the museum provides interactive exhibits and activities that explore the legal, cultural, and medical aspects of cannabis through art, history, and science.

The museum’s permanent collection includes artifacts from around the world that date back to 3,000 BC. It also features pieces from modern times such as hemp clothing from Amsterdam’s Cannabis College or poster art from 20th century America. Visitors can learn about the plant’s many uses throughout history in different parts of the world including for healing, medicine, food production, paper making, and textiles.

In addition to providing an immersive look into its past uses and current applications of cannabis, The Core Social Justice Cannabis Museum also works with organizations that are working to end cannabis prohibition in California. Through its programs and events, it seeks to provide education on how criminalizing cannabis has disproportionately impacted people of color while highlighting efforts to create meaningful reform across states and countries.

The museum is open year round with rotating exhibits on a variety of topics related to cannabis culture including activism, business opportunities related to legalization efforts, medical breakthroughs associated with hemp products and more. With its engaging displays and educational programming The Core Social Justice Cannabis Museum is sure to leave an impactful impression on anyone who visits!

The CBD Debate

Today, there is still a debate about the safety and efficacy of using CBD for medicinal purposes. Some people argue that it can be dangerous due to its connection with marijuana, while others point out that it does not contain THC (the psychoactive component in marijuana), which eliminates any risk of addiction or intoxication. Research has shown that it can have helpful effects for conditions like anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and inflammation without any serious side effects.

In addition to its medical benefits, CBD is also becoming popular as a natural remedy for other issues such as insomnia, nausea and appetite loss, muscle spasms and seizures disorders. Studies have demonstrated its potential role in reducing symptoms related to certain neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. It is also being looked at as a possible treatment option for cancer patients experiencing side effects from chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

Thanks to its therapeutic potential, the demand for CBD products is increasing significantly worldwide. However, there needs to be more research conducted in order to fully understand how this cannabinoid works and if it is truly effective for treating various health conditions without posing any risks or side-effects. Despite the ongoing debate about CBD use today, more people are turning towards this natural therapy due to its unique properties that can offer relief from many ailments without relying on prescriptions drugs with their associated risks. This also frees many people up to begin exploring new places without worrying about prescriptions and side effects. We know you want to live your best life, and we hope these places give you some ideas about where you’d like to go next!

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