Can you buy edibles in Alabama?

Can you Buy Edibles in Alabama?

There’s a growing interest in alternative treatments such as CBD and medical marijuana.

Alabama is no different and people are buying products online and in stores.

Curious about the availability of edibles and whether you can purchase them legally?

The big question: Can you buy edibles in Alabama?

If they are CBD or Delta-8, sometimes.

Gummies are okay, food and beverage products are not.

What Edibles ARE Legal in Alabama?

Here’s the lowdown on what cannabis edibles you can legally purchase in Alabama:

CBD Edibles in Alabama

Alabama has legalized the use of CBD products containing less than 0.3% THC for qualifying patients.

The current exception to this, however, is FOOD.

Alabama does not allow CBD to be added to food or sold as a dietary supplement, so foods and beverages containing CBD are NOT allowed for sale in Alabama.

However, this limitation does not apply to other forms of CBD products such as oils, tinctures, and capsules that can be purchased legally.

CBD gummies are okay in Alabama, too.

So while you can still buy CBD edibles online and in stores in Alabama, you won’t find them in the form of food items like brownies or cookies.

Medical Marijuana Edibles in Alabama

Medical Marijuana edibles are also not currently allowed in Alabama.

Other marijuana products are allowed IF and ONLY if you are a qualifying patient with a medical marijuana card.

These products can only be purchased at state-licensed dispensaries and are not available for recreational use.

In a Nutshell

So, what’s the verdict?

Alabama has taken steps to legalize cannabis in certain forms.

Some people are even growing hemp (the cannabis plant CBD comes from) with a license.

Go enjoy your CBD or Delta-8 gummies but remember to stay away from CBD-infused food and drink if you live in Alabama.

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