Why take CBD gummies?

Why take CBD gummies? How CBD Can Help You

Thinking about trying CBD gummies?

You’re not alone!

CBD is helping a lot of people naturally treat a wide variety of ailments that keep them from living their best life.

Image a day with no pain, no anxiety, and where you slept great the night before.

For some people, CBD is helping to make this a reality.

One of the most convenient ways to take CBD is with gummies.

They taste great and make it easy to monitor your dosage.

Let’s learn a little more about why you would take CBD gummies:

  • Are rumors about CBD true? (Spoiler alert: NO!)
  • Health Benefits of CBD gummies
  • What is in CBD gummies?
  • Mental health and CBD gummies
  • Is taking CBD gummies like taking drugs?
  • What has the Mayo Clinic learned about CBD gummies?
  • How could one CBD gummy a day make a difference?

Let’s start with what you may already have heard…

Are rumors about CBD true?

Just because you heard it doesn’t mean it’s true. It’s important to get the facts about CBD so you can make the best decision for your health.

Common rumors about CBD often perpetuate the misconception that CBD is only for “druggies” or irresponsible individuals.

However, that’s not true at all.

Some say CBD can get you high.

In reality, CBD is non-psychoactive and does NOT produce the intoxicating effects associated with THC.

CBD does not alter one’s state of mind or impair cognitive function.

It is derived from hemp plants, which contain low levels of THC, ensuring that CBD products do not induce a “high” sensation.

Is CBD irresponsible or associated with drug abuse?


Your daily cup of coffee is more addictive than CBD.

CBD is widely used by individuals seeking alternative remedies for various health concerns.

Many people incorporate CBD into their wellness routine to relax, relieve pain, and promote overall well-being.

Health Benefits of CBD gummies

One potential benefit of CBD gummies is their ability to alleviate anxiety and promote relaxation.

CBD has been shown to interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS).

The ECS which plays a role in regulating mood and stress responses.

Some studies suggest that CBD can reduce feelings of anxiety.

People are also using CBD gummies both to to relax AND relieve pain.

CBD has anti-inflammatory properties and may help reduce pain and inflammation in conditions such as arthritis or neuropathic pain.

Additionally, CBD may interact with receptors in the brain and immune system.

This means CBD may potentially reduce pain perception – meaning you may feel less pain.

CBD gummies have been studied for their potential neuroprotective properties.

CBD has shown promise in animal studies for its ability to protect against neurodegenerative diseases and promote brain health.

While more research is needed to confirm these findings in humans, it suggests that CBD gummies may have benefits for neurological disorders.

The one FDA-approved CBD drug Epidolex has gained attention because it’s approved to treat two types of epilepsy.

These kinds of epilepsy have been resistant to treatment so it’s amazing that something like CBD is solving this problem.

It’s important to note that taking CBD gummies is not a miracle cure and should not replace medical advice or treatment.

It’s always best to consult with a healthcare professional before incorporating CBD products into your routine.

This is especially true if you have any underlying medical conditions or are taking medications.

What is in CBD gummies?

CBD gummies are made from CBD oil made from HEMP – not marijuana.

That means the oil is extracted from industrial hemp plants that contain high levels of CBD and minimal amounts of THC.

The CBD oil in CBD gummies comes from industrial hemp plants, NOT marijuana.

CBD gummies typically contain CBD oil.

The CBD oil is infused into the gummy mixture during the manufacturing process.

In addition to CBD, the gummies may also contain other ingredients such as sugar, corn syrup, gelatin, natural flavorings, and colors to give them their appealing taste and texture.

It’s important to note that CBD gummies can come in different formulations. These include:

  • full-spectrum
  • broad-spectrum
  • CBD isolate.

Full-spectrum CBD gummies contain a comprehensive range of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other nutritive substances found in the hemp plant.

This synergistic combination is believed to enhance the overall therapeutic effects of CBD.

Broad-spectrum CBD gummies have similar components to full-spectrum but without any detectable THC.

CBD isolate gummies contain pure CBD without any other compounds.

Mental health and CBD gummies

One research study published in the Journal of Cannabis Research found that a significant proportion of CBD users reported using CBD to help with mental health symptoms such as anxiety and stress.

This study relied on self-reporting from CBD users and further research is needed to establish definitive conclusions.

Anxiety Relief

A review published in Neurotherapeutics suggested that CBD could potentially help reduce symptoms of anxiety disorders.

Another study published in the Permanente Journal found that CBD supplementation was associated with reduced anxiety and improved sleep in individuals with anxiety and sleep disorders.

Comprehensive Mental Health

CBD gummies can be a complementary tool when used alongside other mental health treatments like therapy and self-care practices.

Dr. Chad founded Bradford Wellness Co.

He emphasizes the importance of avoiding reliance on prescription medications unless they are absolutely necessary for mental health conditions.

As a medical doctor, he is a trusted source of both medical and wellness advice.

Every product is medically reviewed with the attention to detail you would expect from your favorite family doctor.

He believes in exploring holistic options for issues like depression, anxiety, and even PTSD.

Patient education is an essential part of his responsibility as a doctor.

CBD is an option you can consider if you have mental health issues you want to treat without prescription drugs.

It can be part of a comprehensive treatment for mental well-being alongside therapy and self-care practices.

Is taking CBD gummies like taking drugs?

Taking CBD gummies is distinctly different from taking street drugs, recreational drugs, or even medical cannabis.

The primary reason is that CBD does not produce the psychoactive effects typically associated with substances like marijuana.

Unlike THC, which is the compound responsible for the “high” feeling, CBD is non-intoxicating.

This means that when you consume CBD gummies, you will NOT experience a mind-altering or euphoric state.

These gummies also do not carry the same risks or potential for addiction as illicit drugs.

Furthermore, CBD is also different from medical cannabis.

Medical cannabis is often prescribed to individuals with specific conditions.

With medical cannabis, which comes from the marijuana plants instead of hemp, you get CBD and higher levels of THC.

CBD products, such as gummies, are specifically formulated to contain negligible THC levels.

The point of them is the potential health benefits of CBD itself.

CBD gummies offer a natural way to support various aspects of health WITHOUT relying on powerful medications that often come with unwanted side effects.

What has the Mayo Clinic learned about CBD gummies?

The Mayo Clinic has published a review of research on CBD gummies.

They have found that the use of CBD is generally considered safe and there are few reported side effects.

There’s not a lot of long-term evidence so more research will continue to be done.

The benefits include that CBD may help with conditions like anxiety, pain, inflammation, and insomnia.

How could one CBD gummy a day make a difference?

Taking one CBD gummy per day could help support overall health and wellbeing.

Also, the effects of the CBD may be cumulative.

What does that mean?

It may take time to before the effects become noticeable in terms of physical and mental improvements.

Adding a regular dose of CBD into your daily routine is easy with CBD gummies.

Taking on gummy daily can keep your body supplied with an optimal amount of CBD.

We hope this information has helped you learn about CBD’s ability to possibly help you maintain balance in your body.

You can always reach out to us if you have any other question or concerns about CBD gummies or any other products.

Our team is here for you to support you on your journey to optimal health and wellness.

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