Welcome to the Scottsboro Boys Museum!

Step into history at the Scottsboro Boys Museum, a poignant tribute to an important chapter in America’s civil rights movement.

Located in the lovely Scottsboro, Alabama, this museum commemorates the struggle and perseverance of nine African American teenagers falsely accused of rape in the 1930s.

All About the Scottsboro Boys Museum:   

The Scottsboro Boys Museum provides a comprehensive look at the events surrounding the infamous Scottsboro Boys case.

Visitors can explore exhibits detailing the legal battles, public outcry, and eventual exoneration of the accused.

Through photographs, artifacts, and interactive displays, guests gain insight into the racial injustices prevalent during this era and the courageous fight for justice.

Gotta Comment on the Scottsboro Boys Museum! 

From its thought-provoking exhibits to its commitment to preserving this important piece of history, the Scottsboro Boys Museum serves as a beacon of education and remembrance.

The museum’s dedication to honoring the lives of the Scottsboro Boys and shedding light on systemic racism is both admirable and necessary.


Scottsboro Boys Museum
428 W. Willow Street
Scottsboro, AL 35768

Parking Information:

Free parking is available onsite.

Nearby Things to Do:   

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  • Directions: Head east on Willow Street, then turn left onto S Broad Street. The Heritage Center will be on your right.
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