Our Every Product Promise

Our Every Product Promise

In a world overflowing with “wellness products,” it’s easy to get lost in the aisles of promises and fancy packaging.

But for Dr. Chad, the founder of Bradford Wellness Co, selecting the right products isn’t just about trends or profits—it’s about making choices that truly benefit his community’s health and well-being.

As the guiding force behind Bradford Wellness Co, Dr. Chad approaches product selection with a rigorous set of criteria aimed at ensuring that only the best, most scientifically-backed options make it onto his shelves and the Bradford Wellness website.

So, what are the main things Dr. Chad considers when choosing products for his store?

1. Who will benefit from this? 

Dr. Chad’s first consideration is always the potential benefits the product offers to his community.

Whether it’s CBD gummies, a roll on, or a Daily Greens drink supplement, he evaluates how it aligns with the diverse needs of his customers.

From athletes seeking performance enhancements to individuals managing chronic conditions, every product must have a clear value proposition for those who will use it.

2. Is this the best choice for our customers? 

Quality is non-negotiable for Dr. Chad.

He vets each product to ensure it meets the highest standards of effectiveness, safety, and purity.

This means looking beyond flashy marketing claims and scrutinizing ingredients, sourcing, and manufacturing practices.

Only products that pass his stringent evaluation process earn a place on his shelves.

3. Is this backed by medical science? 

As a practicing physician, Dr. Chad understands the importance of evidence-based medicine.

He insists on products that are supported by robust scientific research and clinical trials when possible.

Whether it’s a herbal remedy or a nutritional supplement, he looks for peer-reviewed studies and expert endorsements to validate its efficacy and safety.

4. Would I hand it to my patient? 

For Dr. Chad, integrity is paramount.

He applies the same standards to his store’s offerings as he does to his medical practice.

Before introducing a product, he asks himself: “Would I feel comfortable recommending this to my patients?”

If the answer is anything less than a resounding yes, the product doesn’t make the cut.

Dr. Chad’s commitment to community well-being extends beyond mere business considerations and procedures for shipping.

He sees his store as a trusted resource for health-conscious consumers, and he takes that responsibility seriously.

By curating a selection of products that he believes in wholeheartedly, he strives to empower his customers to make informed choices that support their health goals.

At Bradford Wellness Co, you won’t find gimmicks or fads—only products that Dr. Chad personally stands behind.

That’s why we invite you to join our online community if you aren’t local.

Because when it comes to health and wellness, there are no shortcuts.

And for Dr. Chad, nothing matters more than the health and happiness of the people he serves.

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